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For those interested in Matt's work as a saxophone mouthpiece technician:

Matt Marantz's custom mouthpiece refacing, repair, and handcrafted mouthpiece business has grown since its inception a decade ago in 2010 and Marantz Custom Mouthpieces is proud to announce a brand new website and webstore since 2014! 

There's a lot happening at Marantz Custom Mouthpieces, including a partnership with fellow saxophonists Ravi Coltrane and Meslissa Aldana which have spurred new designs and possibilities. A personal yearning for recreating the great designs of the past has produced the Marantz Legacy Handcrafted series of mouthpieces which are based on vintage models but made with modern machinery and hand finished by Marantz at his shop in Brooklyn, NY.

With a plethora of repair & refacing options as well as 4 unique custom offerings for soprano, alto, and tenor sax, Marantz is busy at the workbench with all things mouthpiece related!


Check out what's happening at:

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